Making Connections

blinc is always keen to suggest collaboration. Some of the best work has been created by people working together and bouncing ideas. Visual Artists, Performance Artists, Animators, 3D Digital Designers, Sound Artists, Poets and Projection Artists have all shared and contributed to the success of blinc.. Over the past two years the following artists have made connections and created collaborative works. Craig Morrison, Joel Cockrill, Jobina Tinnemans, Menna Elfyn, Elizabeth Ashworth, Wendy Dawson, Tim Pugh,Dominic McGill, Ed Wright, Helen Booth,Alys Hughes, Elly Strigner, Sean Vicary, Steve Knight, Alan Whitfield, Chris Bird, Viv Rickman Poole, Robin Boult, Jessica Lloyd Jones, Ant Dickinson, Kathryn Campbell Dodd and Jacob Whittaker. Some of the artists had worked together before, some worked together for the first time. But all have created exciting work.

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