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ffloc is a digital arts collaboration that creates site-specific, temporary artworks.

Working with our creative partners, Gwledd Conwy Feast, we’ve developed a light, sound and installation piece to be shown as part of the blinc/food festivals.

This bilingual project has been developed through collaboration with a poet, CGI artists, musicians, a filmmaker, photographers, a storyteller, a young writer, an ex-factory worker, a retired janitor and a Doctor of Surrealism, PhD.

There will be a number of secret, live interventions as part of the project – see if you can catch them.

ffloc does not have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms.

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Rob Pitwell

Robert is a painter, photographer, teacher, print-maker and horticulturalist working from a converted farm building on his small-holding in the depths of rural North Wales.

This rugged, rural environment informs and inspires much of Robert’s cross-media work, which focuses on the simple beauty of a chance-encountered moment in the landscape, garden and farm. His photographs draw on a deep, painterly experience and understanding of the subtle, changing influence of time and light on the natural world.


Nerea Martinez de Lecea

Nerea Martinez de Lecea is an interdisciplinary artist working in photography, video, installation, multimediaand drawing. Commissioned by Blinc, Nerea has created Llywelyn, a new piece which responds to both the festival theme ‘Art and the Mind’ and the site – Conwy Castle.

The overriding history of Conwy is that of the battle for Welsh independence from England. It is a history of battles, politics and power-struggles. The dominant players for Wales were the Welsh Princes. In Conwy town square stands a statue of one of these Princes - Llywelyn ap Iorwerth, aka Llywelyn Fawr / Llywelyn the Great. Llywelyn draws on this history and in line with the festival theme ‘Art and the Mind’ reflects the struggle for autonomy, independence and self-determination which, as individuals, we all experience. It is a re-imagining, a conjuring of the Welsh Princes, brought up to date with a modern-day Welsh ‘Prince’ - Cole Corkhill Davies, a 10 year old boy from the Rhondda.

Also projected, at Plas Mawr, will be Nerea’s piece 'We Are Still Here' – a video installation originally commissioned by artist Marc Rees for Adain Avion, part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad and London 2012 Festival.


Jessica Lloyd-Jones and Ant Dickinson

Jessica Lloyd-Jones and Ant Dickinson are a collaborative duo based in North Wales, creating digital arts projects for public spaces. Lloyd-Jones is a visual artist exploring concepts of energy and natural phenomena through the experimental use of materials and light. Dickinson is a creative technologist and sound designer working with mixed media, computer control and programming.

'Small World' is a moving image and sound piece transporting the viewer into a microscopic realm of plants, pollen, insects, rocks and minerals; revealed in exquisite detail. Their most recent work ‘Digital Waterfall’ is a light installation combining digitally programmed water and video projection to create three-dimensional optical effects of colour and pattern.

Previous works include large scale mapping projections for Blinc Digital Arts Festival 2011 and 2012 and Adelaide Festival, Australia 2015. They have recently created a wind responsive architectural lighting design for Plas Heli, Welsh National Sailing Academy, Pwllheli and are currently involved in ‘Power in the Land’, a project responding to the decommissioning of Wylfa Nuclear power station, Anglesey. |

Wendy Dawson

Wendy Dawson is an applied artist, working in metal and digital media on all scales.

‘Swarm’ is a 3D projection of a colony of bees, it explores ideas surrounding collective intelligence, emergence and the idea that somehow collections of programs and lifeforms can compute complex problems that are beyond the decision-making capabilities of the individual. A colony of bees; a flock of birds; a swarm of organisms or even a collection of repeated programs, can behave in a manner that implies consciousness, responding to the environment and events intelligently, can humans too display an intelligence far greater and more intuitive than that of the individual?

Rob Spaul

Rob is a Digital Artist, Musician and Media Developer with over 20 years experience in the Digital Media and Arts Industries.

Rob has recently worked with Cwmni’r Fran Wen, Clwyd Theatr Cymru, Kate Lawrence, Pontio and Bangor University as digital artist / producer and is artistic director of the Stiwdio Franwen Project.

'Perpetual' is a piece that explores what impact the continued search for belonging can take on the mind and then from this place, the exploration of self expression and liberty.

Little Light’s Family Dance Project - 'Overrun'

Little Light Dance & Digital Theatre is a new company based in North Wales, founded by dancer Lisa Spaull and digital media artist & composer Rob Spaull in 2014.

Little Light aims to fuse accessible forms of contemporary movement and digital technologies to create unique and entertaining performances.

'Overrun' - What happens when an old baptism chapel gets overrun by children, nature and magic?

Jez Danks

An old violin rescued from a bonfire, restored & received as a Christmas present was the catalyst for my lifelong interest in music & performance. I have lived in Mid Wales for over forty years and have made strong links with the local community. The people & places encountered provide the inspiration for many of the stories & the music that I perform.

Lisa Carter

I respond to the multiple meanings associated with objects, language, places and things by making paintings and installations, working both in the studio and site specifically. I also devise and deliver visual art sessions to those who live with dementia. Recent works have led to exploring how memories exist in all kinds of unexpected ways and often linger, interpreted across generations. Memories help to determine the way people behave - from what they read and say, who they befriend, who they miss. These private feelings have powerful personal, social and political dimensions.

'Scansion' 2015

The work 'Scansion' is a ‘glitch’ of one of my paintings, deliberately manipulated by interfering with the mechanism of the printer/scanner during printing. The resulting image is one of an expressive gestural work interpreted and presented differently, suggestive of the filing and retrieval of information both paper and digital.

Scansion is the act of determining and graphically representing the metrical character of a line of verse. Systems of scansion, and the assumptions often subconscious that underlie them are numerous and often contradictory.

Digital Artwork by Rob Spaull, music by Alex Carter

Rui Gato, Davide Negrao. Manuel Morgado

BLAKAT Lisbon based artistic collective

Hello, we are BLAKAT - Rui Gato and David Negrão.

Our focus is on realtime audiovisual installations and performances, we love to work with geometry, sound and light.

Duration ~5 min

Concept and Video - Rui Gato / David Negrão

Sound Design - Manuel Morgado | |

Megan Broadmeadow

Megan Broadmeadow (b.1978) is an artist who grew up in North Wales and now lives and works in London. She studied sculpture at The Slade for her BA and recently graduated from the MFA in fine art at Goldsmiths College. She is the current award holder of the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award, which will culminate in a solo exhibition at Standpoint Gallery in 2016. She has further forthcoming solo presentation at Plymouth Arts Center in 2015.

Previous solo shows: Mercury 13, Galeria Melissa, London, Under the Influence , G39, Cardiff , 2014, It’s a Wonder, The National Eisteddfod of Wales, 2007 and Oriel Mostyn (Spotlight) 2003.

Selected group shows: Staging the Artwork, Article Gallery, Birmingham, Llawn 03, Llandudno, Penumbra at APT, London, You Who Are Strangers, Plants V’s Zombies, Boetzelaer| Nispen, Amsterdam, Trialogues residency at ASC studios, London, This is the End (part two) at 389 Melrose St, Brooklyn, New York, LOCWS 4, Art Across the City, Swansea.

Tim Stokes

Tim is an artist and designer based in Wales, his art practice works with the moving image and experiments with video, animation and also performance. Tim's work has been exhibited across Wales and also internationally. He also works as a lecturer on the Foundation Art and Design course in Swansea College of Art, UWTSD.

This video work in Blinc has evolved from playing with different substances and materials and investigating how they interact with the body, or bodies. How these substances transform and morph the body, how they cover, overwhelm and merge bodies into another form - threatening to consume. Positioning the body to become something other - or not itself any longer.


Marc Rees

Marc Rees is an interdisciplinary creative with an established track record of delivering ground breaking, provocative and risk taking projects. He has an acknowledged reputation as an accomplished artist and visionary site-responsive curator.

Joanna Young

Described by The Dancing Times as ‘an adventurous choreographic voice’, Joanna Young’s work is delicate, intricately crafted and absorbing to watch. Her projects explore a variety of contexts and approaches.

These include stage productions, site-specific installations, film, and community responsive work. In 'Works on Grass' Joanna takes inspiration from visual artist Georgia O’Keefe and photographer Alfred Stieglitz, exploring the relationship between women and land.

Catrin Menai

Catrin's work explores the cultural and personal meanings we attach to ‘material’ and how these meanings merge to represent our perception of the past and the future. Through image, object and text - language and the nature of documentation are explored, with an underlying questioning of how narrative and storytelling exists privately and publicly in the spatial and the temporal.

Against the Tide of Yesterday is a short film made up of interlinking imagery which explores how images connect with memory and perception in a space that is equally as real as it is imaginary.

A stagnant boat seemingly drifts in the unsteady frame of a viewfinder, whilst a bird on an old coin shifts into an unsteady tree. Time appears directionless as a narrative of gaps emerge within five minutes of many...

ffloc was made possible by grant funding from Arts Council Wales